Blow kiss

Marshmallow packaging design


Дизайн упаковки для линейки зефира Воздушный поцелуй из трех вкусов: малина-фиалка, лимонный десерт, черничный йогурт для бренда "Сормовская кондитерская фабрика".


2 weeks

Marshmallow packaging design

A feature of this line is unusual and original tastes for those who want to try something new. Therefore, for color identification of taste, juicy, cheerful, but not too bright colors were chosen in order to preserve the feeling of softness and tenderness of the product. We have developed the style of the name of the Air Kiss line, emphasizing the romantic and playful mood. Author's illustrations of a balloon and soft clouds on the background add lightness and tenderness to the overall composition.