Craft beer Mörh pale ale

Naming and label design


Concept, naming and label design for craft beer


3 weeks

Naming and label design

As the basic design concept, we have decided to integrate fairy folk heroes - cave dwarfs, making brew. As if by magic, illustrations take you to the fairy tale. Do you believe in legends? When the world was full of magic creatures, where elves and orсs were fighting for the power over the Kingdoms. Everyone who wanted to find shelter, came to the tavern Mörh. It was the only place where all were equal and any war ended when the glass of beer became empty. Everybody respected and at the same time was afraid of gnomes who were hosts of that place. They were magicians and brewed the tastiest ale in the Mediterranean. Craft beer Mörh is a history since the beginning of time. This bright taste has kept the mood of ancient traditions. Mörh is a legend. Client – brewery Breweryx