Standart and Steel

Logo for the law firm.


Logo for the law firm. When developing the logo for the company Standart and Steel, we drew attention to a few characteristic things: 1. The two main words in the title of the project begin at St. Petersburg. 2. One of the translations of the word Steel is a sword. The sword symbolizes justice and justice, supreme power. A double-edged sword is an important image of divine wisdom and truth. Ancient Greek goddess Themis, whose image is inextricably linked with jurisprudence, holds a sword in his hand with a point down. 3. & (Ampersand) - is a graphic abbreviation of the Latin union et (i). Provides interconnection of elements. These three observations we implemented in this logo. Classic black color is a standard of rigor, elegance and concentration. The sword is a continuation of the hand, so the hilt is made in the form of a connecting union. The letter T is executed in the form of a sword, which is emphasized by a metallic tint. The font part of the logo turned out to be serious, characteristic and high-quality. Well suited to successfully protect the interests of the customer in judicial and pre-trial matters

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